Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The World is an Easel. But I need my stuffs....

The world is an easel,
And we must paint.
The world is our easel,
Get to work, don’t wait.
Splash your colours free and wild,
Be spirited, do not be mild.
For earth reward holds,
For painters, strokes bold.
So get to work, pick your pencil,
Sketch, for the World is an easel........

I don't know if age has anything to do with it. Maybe it is my gender or my hormones but the end of last year brought with it an urgency to gather 'STUFFS' together and frigging get to work! It beats me what the 'STUFFS' are but I'm searching. Because God forbid that i get to heaven, angel that I am, and find out its been right there before my nose. Since this restlessness crept into my heart, it's being like standing on a mound of hot coal ever since.

Oh, of course! I am so sorry. Forgot my manners there for a while. My name is Mage. Pronounced M-ei-g. 
Not Maggi or Mag. Nice to make your acquaintance too. Of course, my introduction might just be a waste of time, since you probably know who I am and are reading this because you're my friend or a paid visitor.Lol.

This is my debut as a blogger and it's because I am still searching for those STUFFS ooo and I don't even know if I ever had them. But i sure do need them right now. So maybe if you are searching for STUFFS  too, why don't we help find our STUFFS together? The world is waiting for our Sistine Chapel or our 'Beautiful Imperfection' but we must have our 'STUFFS' to make em. 

This is Mage at the 'The World is an Easel'. If you ever find my STUFFS, please comment or post.
I'll definitely keep posting in here with the hope that it turns out to be your STUFF too.



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