Monday, February 13, 2012

"Clap, Clap. Places, People!!!"

 “Ha. That’s harshly dismissive nau” I replied my friend, Sue. Sweet, sexy but complicated Sue. Complicated* personified.
If ever the word ‘Complicated’ decides to leave the boring world of diction, definitions, literature and possess a human, Sue would get the job. No contest.
 What am I saying. She already has the job. Its ‘Complicated’ that had better watch its back cos Sue might just get its job.
Sue had just tossed one of her usual barb. This time it’s not against some random love-struck guy. It’s against all humanity.
“Everyone leaves you” she rephrases.
I throw her a side glance (more like an up glance) to see if she is up to her usual theatrics, but no. This time I think it’s serious. She looks at me with those soulful eyes and I say to myself…Oh, oh.
“What’s wrong” I ask as clearly as I can. Not an easy feat when you’re trying to speak with pins between your lips  and you’re trying to avoid chuking your apparently sad and distraught friend, while fixing the dress on her.
“Nothing” she mutters “Just stating a fact of life. Everybody leaves you”
I remember that conversation at moments like this when I am going through the same thing Sue went through then. And this is what I told Sue.
Yeah, people leave. Not everyone is meant to stay in our lives. Sometimes they visit to drop a little something, steal our breathe for a while, teach a lesson, lend a hand, shoulder our burdens or to ease some pain. They played their parts. Think about it. Even angels don’t stay forever.
It’s the moment we had with them that matters. Yeah, most of those moments were probably painful, leaving us with feelings of abandonment, betrayal, shock, shame or even fear. But God, I hope never horror.
We’ve lost loved ones through spats. Some betrayed us. Some we betrayed. Some died. Some just walked away. Some are so near, yet far away. And some really did have to go away.  Our experiences in life are rife with stories like that. Nothing new there.
It is however good to remember this verse ‘God makes everything beautiful in its time’. You’ll figure it out. Like I have been.
LoL. I know you’re giving me the same look Sue gave me. That Is-she-high? look. Or what-planet-do-you-live-on look.
I am going to leave us with that thought and we have all the time we will ever need to think it through. That was all I gave Sue that day and it’s all I have right now.
At least this is one ‘stuff’ I didn’t have to search for. All I had to do was search for a moment in time and find the answer I needed for now. I had to find my moment with Sue.
Just in case you are wondering. Sue is now a sexy mama. Yeah. She’s still complicated. I haven’t seen her in about 6 years. We only talk, maybe, 3 times a year? I miss her terribly but she had to go away. However she left something behind. Our moments together. And it is beautiful to me at this time.

PS:  *I really meant to use ‘Complicated’ not ‘Complication’